Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Color Surprise Blog Hop

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures decided she had too many beads last month, so she held a destash sale. Those of us lucky enough to snag one of her "goody bags" were then offered the chance to create something with at least half of the beads we were sent. Hence the birth of the Summer Color Surprise Challenge.  Each of us received a particular color selection, which we did not know of in advance, and here is mine.
RED, RED, RED! It is not a color I work in often, and I don't know why. The beads she sent were eye-catching, several of which quickly became my favorites. I fell in love with the Lucite flowers, but my absolute favorite were the faux cloisonne rounds.

Strength Bead from BOC
Lampwork Bead from Lisa
Among all the treasures, was the cutest lampwork deer head, I think, and was hoping to have it made into a piece, not only for this hop, but for the Beads of Courage Design Challenge. This organization provides art in medicine for children hospitalized with serious illnesses. I am still waiting, however, for the bead I purchased to complete it.

With those pretty cloisonne beads always on my mind, it was the first thing I decided to work with. They didn't need much to create a fitting necklace.
I did some matching polymer clay beads in a gold color with faux leaves and combined them with one of Lisa's red nuggets as the focal and metal tube links I got from A Grain of Sand, which had been waiting for just the right bead, and these were them!

The next thing I chose to work with were flattened ovals streaked with red and pink. I had some polymer clay striped pillow beads and decided to combine the two for this bracelet.

That left me with a lovely gold flecked lampwork lentil focal, red glass swirls, all those pretty red tube and round beads, and of course, those Lucite flowers. Too much for another bracelet, so I combined them with seed and bugle beads, left to me in my mother's stash, and more polymer clay flowers (gilded roses this time). The stamens in the Lucite flowers are polymer clay with crushed red glass embedded.

Here you have my latest floral creation!
It turned out RED, RED, RED, but at the last moment I decided to tone it down just a bit with with a wash of acrylic Pearlcoat, and gold leaf accents.

Hope I have done justice to Lisa's stash, which I am so glad is MINE now. Here is the list of jewelry artists who received other colors of summer goodies. Enjoy the Hop!

Your Host: Lisa Lodge
Audrey Belanger
Lisa Boucher
Eleanor Burian-Mohr
Marlene Cupo --- You are here
Marla Gibson
Alicia Marinache
Inge von Ross
Stephanie Stamper
Diane Valasek

AND the best part is, Lisa is doing another challenge in October, with 20 participants this time. For the details, go here: My Bead Table Blog Hop


  1. Oooh, love it - all your designs are so bright and beautiful. You're perfectly right: the cloisonee goes just perfectly with the tube curves, I love that type of necklace. Happy to see your matching beads ;)
    The floral creation is simply delicious!

  2. beautiful designs! and agree with Alicia ... the cloisonne and tubes is a stunner!

  3. I don't work with red often, which is silly because I do adore some shades of red... which happen to be these ! So very lovely, and great work !

  4. Wow, you used so many of your beads! You rocked it! I am so confused about how to use the Lucite, I haven't ever worked with it before. I love how you used it in your necklace! Now I can see using mine in a bracelet. Great job! I think I like the Lucite necklace the best, but the one with the cloisonne in it is a really close favorite too. Great job! --Diane

  5. You absolutely did do justice to those beads Marlene! I can see where red could be a challenge, but you knew exactly what to do with these. The polymer beads compliment Lisa's batch perfectly. The floral necklace is gorgeous! How fun - Lovely work.

  6. Very nice work, Love the treatment you applied to the lucite flowers. :-)

  7. Beautiful pieces - great job with the cloisonne beads! Love the gold accents on your floral creation - really pretty!!

  8. Ohhhh I am drooling over here! Fantastic work!

  9. Marlene - you really hit it out of the park! Love, love, love your creations (red is one of my favorite colors to work with, and to wear). The lucite necklace is super - I love the treatment you added. Thanks for being in the hop!

  10. What a clever use of tube beads! I never would have thought of that, and it works so well.

    I am loving the colors and textures in he bracelet with the flattened beads.

    Gorgeous job!

  11. Lots of beautiful jewelry. The floral necklace is my favorite.

  12. Love the tube links.. Your creations are beautiful.

  13. I like that you added other colors. The bracelet is my fav of the lot!

  14. I always think I'm not big on red, then I'll go crazy with it for a while, then no red again for a long time. ha! I really like what you've done here, so I'll probably go on another red binge now. Have some beads that have been waiting for me to "be in the mood" for red for months!

    I especially love that first necklace! I would not have thought to do this in a million years, but I love it! Very classy! I like how you've integrated red and other colors into the bracelet too. It's all really nice and well done!

    Thanks for the red-inspiration!

  15. Such a wonderful designs you have created.The cloisonne and tubes is a wow!Great showcase of true art.
    Baby Armband

  16. What beautiful pieces! You sure did the color red proud.


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