Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Free Beads for Blogging - the Reveal

Tonya of Fusion Muse blogged back in June: "After sitting and playing with my lovely gemmies and metals a little of late I want to share. It is my hope for as many of you who ask, to be able to play as well. Starting this week we will give away up to 5 parcels of beads to those who have a current, active blog. As time goes on depending upon interest this number may increase." I encourage anyone who would like to join the fun to go to her blog and sign up!
Remember these? They are the goodies I received from her, and I apologize for not getting the finished items posted sooner (Has anyone had a calm and relaxing Summer?)

So without further ado. here are my completed pieces.

I edged the pink briolettes with the delicate seed beads she sent, and added an opaque pink round as a topper. After that they really didn't need anything more than ear wires.

Then I finished wiring my gold edged lucite leaves and I combined them with the ruby rounds she sent separated by smaller garnet rounds for depth. and a large asymmetrical garnet pendant to create my first necklace.

As I noted in my previous post, Tanya's black and gold Japa Mala beads were the perfect compliment to gold leafed beads I had done. So I combined them in a rugged necklace.

It needed a little something to bring it out, and I had gotten a whole bunch of 10mm jump rings that I wasn't sure what I would use them for, until this necklace called for that little extra.

So I batched 5 rings together and crimped another oval jump ring around them to keep them in place, and attached each set as spacers.

It was just the touch needed to complete my third and final creation.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I did as much as I had making them.
Thanks and Hugs to you Tanya!


  1. Nice job! Those earrings are fabulous :) and I LOVE that red necklace.. perfect for Autumn :D I found it a challenge to find the time as well this year... just too crazy >.< but I'm glad I got to participate!

  2. What an awesome link to highlight the Japa Mala beads.They are usually used as prayer beads so the extra love you put into placing them honours then beautifully. Thank you for using the handmade chain so well as well.It is fund stuff to make and can be very versatile.Love and hugs Tanya

  3. Hi Marlene,
    The earrings and the two necklaces are beautiful I love all of them especially the red necklace.

  4. You have to show me how you edged the briolettes

    You have to show me how you did that thing with the jumprings.

    You have to give me you red necklace (just kidding ;)

    Summary: This is ALL so pretty with some techniques I have never seen!

  5. Oh, Marlene...such beautiful and AMAZING creations! Those edged briolettes are stunning. Your necklaces are gorgeous! Awesome work!

  6. Love what you've done! My favorite has to be those dainty pink earrings - so creative and beautiful.

  7. Just love all the pieces especially the last necklace. It is so earthy and so like what I would wear.

  8. NIce to see what you made with your "Beads for Blogging" as we got something similar. LOVE those links, they really make a statement.

  9. They are all lovely pieces. Thank you for sharing!


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