Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Need a Vacation! AND ITS COMING!!!

I received a commission from an event planner back in March. She saw my peacock votive candle holder in my studio and asked if I could make 250 of them by April for a convention in Washington DC.

 I pondered the enormity of the job and then said OK anyway. Well, after weeks of peacock feather canes, slicing, applying, and finishing, they were packed and shipped off this past week. So time to get ready for the big juried craft show I have coming up next weekend? No not quite yet.

You see I have 5 kids, 3 of which and their spouses and children are going with my hubby and me on a Disney Cruise aboard the Dream, leaving on Mother's Day.

Ahhh, fantastic!!! But wait.

For those that may not have been, or have been but don't know, there is another site on the Internet that allows people who book the same cruise to talk to each other. On that board it has become somewhat of a tradition that the people who want to share with each other and their children, during the cruise, to give gifts left at the door to the cabin in something called a Fish Extender.
Here are examples of what I am talking about.

As far as the gifts to put in them for the other cruisers? First my daughter asked if I could do something like a picture frame with their favorite Disney characters on it for each family. "You know mom, something that they could change the picture later on if they want." OK. At least she did come over and helped glue the banners on the frames.

Then she announced since it is her brother and his wife's first cruise, "They probably have no idea what to do, so could you make miniature Golden Mickey's for them?" Disney does a stage show on board that is a take-off on the Oscars and calls it the Golden Mickey, which is their most popular show.

They just got finished today.

Now I only have to fix her Fish Extender (its from a cruise she took 2 years ago, and needs a freshening up), her sister's Fish Extender (Mickey's ear fell off) and make the one for my son and his wife. BTW I will not have anything on my cabin door. I will be resting!


  1. How did you make the Golden Mickey's they are so cool and I have seen them on pinterest :)

    1. Thank you! They are small clear Christmas balls inverted and covered with polymer clay. The ears are pc too, free formed and glue to the balls. The base is cardboard to hide the "top" of the ball, and a pc banner was added to cover the cardboard. THEN LOTS AND LOTS OF GLITTER.


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