Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is a new eBook by Lori Anderson, the jewelry artisan and creator of the Bead Soup and Cup of Soup Challenges on her blog, which are immensely popular. I believe she had over 200 people want in on her last one (getting through that Blog Hop took a while!). Click on the link, and it will take you directly to where you can purchase it.

I did the first day it was available. Why? Because I have so much money, I have to find reasons to spend it? No. Because I admire her work and the amount of time she spends devoted to her craft and those who follow her? Well, yes, but not the only reason.
  • Because as a person who has started a blog a while ago, I have not put half the amount of time on it that I should or could.
  • Because I tend to have a one track mind at times.
  • Because I often think others may not be as interested in what I am thinking or feeling that I do.
  • Because as long as I have this platform, I want to make it all that it can be for others to enjoy.
Once you have read it, and ogled the gorgeous photographs, it will set you mind off in a million different directions. Creative people have much to offer others, and this eBook will help anyone expand on what that is. It has for me.

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