Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fairy Garden Challenge

Bonnie of Jasper Gems came up with a creative color challenge for the month. It was based on this photo of a Fairy Garden, which I thought was extremely inspiring beside being beautiful.

I had a ton of "other things" on my plate this month, but just could not pass it up.
The picture is 2-dimensional, but the glow gives it a multilayer look.

By now I realize my true favorite is flowers and use them as often as I can in my creations.
This was no exception.
Even though the challenge was for creative colors, I decided after several trials to go with the actual details and focused on the adorable fairies.

Fairy Garden Necklace

The focal point of the picture is a honey hair color fairy surrounded by flowers and other fairies. I transferred it to a silver pendant and domed it with resin. There are two smaller charms with the faces of other fairies flanking it. For the flowers, I hand formed them from polymer clay in the shape of lilies of the valley, blue bells on green stems, and a peach rose, which is featured at the bottom of the picture. They all have mica powder accents to give them the same sparkle as the picture. The green beads are stamped and pearl accented with a leaf pattern to simulate the ground cover. The chain pieces, linked to the sets of floral beads, are figure eight sterling, and have argent silver wires stung with Swarovski pink rondelles and lavender barrel crystals, attached, to simulate the lighting accents of the picture.

Thank you Bonnie for a beautiful inspiration and fun challenge.


  1. Well that is just lovely. I love that you made the project your own.

  2. That was smart to focus in on one thing. You did an excellent job on the flowers.

  3. Wow, you did such a nice job of capturing it...pretty, pretty!


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