Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flowers for Mothers Day

Every child longs to give their mother, mamma, mommy, ma, mommoy (or you insert a name) flowers for Mother's Day. Here are some suggestions:
Roses are the most recognized symbol of love.

Single Red Rose Pendant

Rose Brooch

Blue is for Boys

Blue Mum Flower

Blue Flower Ring

Lentil with Flower and Leaves

Ivory and Blue Star Flower

Dew Drop Blossom
Pink is for Girls

Hand Painted Small Flower

Pink and Green Pearl Pendant

Briar Roses in pink and white

Pink Egg

Pink Ribbon Necklace

Pink Hawaiian Flower

But when you are still waiting and don't know for sure, many colors are possible        

Copper Floral Pendant

Spring Flowers Cuff

Green Blue Flower Earrings

Faux Wood Polymer Clay Flower

Yellow Flower Earrings

No matter what the flower, from the simplest Daffodils, like the ones I gave my mom each year, to the exotic Orchids, a flower from your child, is the greatest gift you can receive

Purple Orchid



Deep Red Flower

Purple Petunias with Swarovski Crystal

Tiger Lily Flower Beads
This entire bouquet was created by the talented artists of Polymer Clay Smooshers

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. Love this collection of flowers for Mother's Day and beyond! Great blog.

  2. Marlene,
    All of the flowers are beautiful. It is always amazing to me what can be done with polymer clay!

  3. Great collection! Just in time to think about planting.


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