Saturday, October 20, 2012

4th Do-Over Challenge - Reveal

Jeannie K Dukic of JKD Jewelry runs recurring Do-Over challenges, in which she will send a piece of jewelry from her early days of creating, for a nominal fee, in order for the artist receiving it, to DO OVER. This is the second time I have joined in this adventure and it was as much fun as the first time around. Now are you sitting down? Ready for this? You are not going to believe it!
I didn't use ANY polymer clay in this challenge!
Here is a picture of what I was sent.
Beads, black beads, small black beads, even smaller black beads, LOTS of black beads!
I had received a large spool of link chain in a destash sale on Creative Bead Chat from Melinda Orr, and decided this would be the perfect time to pull it out. (Good thing I had heavy duty clippers). After cutting the appropriate size lengths of chain I pulled Jeannie's necklace apart and started wiring 2 beads at a time to each link of the chain. 
In another destash sale, this time Bead Swap USA, I had received a beautiful batch of Sari Silks from Kelli Nelson and decided to use two of them in red and gold as highlights along the length of the necklace, and to which I wired some of the smaller black beads, for interest.
Finally I added some antique gold and copper double links as spacers, and a 30mm brass lobster claw clasp, also from Melinda to finish it off.

OK, that is for the casual wear, now on to something a little dressier. I had this length of copper looped wire chainmaille in my stash and decided it would work well with my idea.
I wired increasing numbers of Jeannie's beads and added copper tipped black crystal dangle to the ends of each. These went on the connecting links of the chain. In between each graduated strand I added another of the black beads and a black bicone crystal to the middle of the wired loops.
One more destash item, from Gail Hughes, came the free form copper wires which I modified slightly and used to link the central portion to an oval link copper chain.
Love the delicate way it drapes when wearing it!
Time to see the other creative Do-Over's in this Challenge.
Miranda Ackerley


  1. What a great idea to wire the black beads to the chain! That is an awesome look! And, I love the dashes of color that you incorporated! These are beautiful!

  2. Love love love the chainmaille necklace!

    (PS: Can you please remove the word verification? Pleeeeeeeeeze?)

  3. Oh, so beautiful, and so very inspiring. I particularly love necklace #1, and can't wait to try this technique myself. Gorgeous!

  4. I love what you did with the chain in both of your designs.

  5. Wow - that was a lot of wire working. Both necklaces are very pretty and the casual one is just eye catching with the ribbon and love the large lobster clasp.

  6. Oh that black and copper necklace is to die for! Great job!

  7. Well, I got over my shock at the lack of polymer by all the other pretty, pretty work. Love all the texture Marlene

  8. Very fun, I like both of the necklaces, looks like you had a lot of wire wrapping to do. I love that they are so different.

  9. I love the way you combined chain in BOTH pieces! nice.

  10. Casual and dressy, love them both. The wire links on the second one add a nice feminine
    touch and wired in beads on the first one is brilliant! Thank you so much for participating Marlene and I hope you join me for the 5th Do Over Challenge.
    Jewelry By Jeannie

  11. Oh, Marlene - no matching polymer clay beads?!?!?!?! LOL - you did a wonderful job. I like both pieces and I have to be honest: it would have never occurred to me to use copper with black beads. Lovely do-over!

  12. Marlene, *gasp* I can't believe you didn't use any Polymer Clay in your creations for this Do-Over challenge! LOL But, WOW! I LOVE what you did with that piece... you took those beads and made them come alive! =) I would never have thought of wire wrapping beads to the chain like that - it's simply inspired!!! And looks SO Gorgeous!!! The delicate way the 2nd one hangs is beautiful! I love the chain mail in it! You did a fantastic job!!! I love seeing your designs! You have such creativity! =)

  13. The two necklaces are so unique and fun. I really like the casual one with the ribbon, so fun!


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