Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Bead Table Blog Hop - Reveal

Lisa Lodge of A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures comes up with the most interesting challenges, and this blog hop is no exception. She generously sent a whole host of mish mosh goodies from her table to each participant and asked us to create something with them along with items from our own table. I was excited to be a part of this challenge, after the wonderful selection of beads I had received in an earlier challenge by her, and anxiously awaited the package to come in the mail.
This delightful selection is what came:
It was all so light and airy, and full of Lucite components that I am not use to working with, in shades of pale blue, light turquoise, and orange, that I am not use to working with, and a few seed beads, that I am not use to working with!
OK, Lisa you said CHALLENGE, gotcha!

By now you are probably tired of hearing me say I am not a seed beader, as much as I love their work. For me, even trying to string a single strand requires every light in the room on, and a magnifying glass the strength of the Hubble Telescope to get it done. The first thing I did was to collect them, along with that large orange Lucite leaf, and resined the heck on them to get them out of the way! Hmm, seems to look like a seed pod!
My attention turned to the cute little blue Lucite flowers, which I envisioned spaced between polymer clay tiles with a leaf design for a bracelet. I won't even trouble you with the disaster that turned out to be. Anything polymer I attempted seemed too heavy in relation to "the light and airy, that I am not use to working with."
 Soo, I stared, and played, and assorted, and rearranged everything hoping that it would kick my brain into working order.
Then it hit me, light and airy = fun and kind of funky, something I am not use to doing!
First a pair of earrings with the Lucite flower petals, blue beads, and half circles in Lisa's supply, on my silver wires. NOT what you I would expect from me.
Now back to that seed pod and my fun and funky theme. I added more petals, and Lisa's white teardrops to make it look like rain droplets falling off them. Space them out with more of the blue and white beads from Lisa, and all I had to use was my own silver chain.

Nope, can't do it! Must work with my polymer!
Those orange Lucite flowers begged for leaves, but alas, no leaves in the pile. It's my chance! Out came several leaf canes I had for a while in similar colors. There, now I feel better! 
Along with a silver flower charm as the central point, the orange and light blue Lucite flowers, and more raindrops and petals, I finished this second necklace with two tones of blue ribbon, tied to the bouquet, and Lisa's heart with rhinestones and key toggle clasp.
Then one more pair of earrings to go with this necklace, and there you go Lisa.

I believe I met your challenge, even though I am not use to working with it!

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  1. The second how you used those flowers!

  2. Wow, 2 great sets. I barely got a pair of earrings and bracelet to match from my set. I am very very impressed.

  3. Love the necklace with the blue ribbon. That came out really beautiful. I love everything about it. You crack me up with the seed beads. That's one way to deal with them, just melt them! Whatever you did worked out well. :)

  4. Oh Marlene! those are beautiful! after all the chatter this week about what you had in store ... I had to stop here first this morning :) and you did not disappoint! I LOVE that you just pulled out the resin - that is awesome! and I notice that you used your little key for the toggle on the second necklace ... brilliant - with I had thought of that! both sets are beautifully done!!

  5. Beautiful! I love those necklaces with the flowers

  6. The necklace with the flowers turned out well!

  7. You have got to be kidding me!!! I've never worked with lucite, so I was feeling your pain....then I see what you created with it. You just opened up a can of creativity on them, didn't you? Love, love, love the little flower earrings. Have to say that the necklace with the striped flowers and your pc is my serious favorite, but I really love everything you made. Creative woman!!!

  8. I love the flower necklace! I know how you feel about out of your element. Lisa really made me stretch with this one.

  9. Those are awesome. I particularly love the second necklace. The way you used the flower beads is awesome and I love the leaves you made. I am a seed beader and I am always amazed at those of you who can put bigger beads together in such a perfect way. :)

  10. Marlene for someone that does not work with any of these elements you did a bang up job on all of your pieces they are all beautiful. My favorite is the second necklace very pretty.

  11. OMG Marlene - I actually spit out my water onto my keyboard when I read that you melted the seed beads - that is inspired!! You met the challenge and then some. Very nice creations. I especially like the necklace with the blue ribbon. I am noticing a trend as I make my way down the participant list - everyone is saying how this challenge stretched them out of their comfort zone, how difficult it was, etc. SO, I feel that I am either: 1). A mean awful person who likes to torture people with beads they would never normally use, or 2). an absolutely inspired person who knows just what to do to get people to find new "cans of creativity". Of course, I am going with #2. Thanks for being in the hop!

  12. Marlene. I LOVE the necklace. Your polymer set it off! the garden.

  13. I LOVE how you just 'created' what you wanted out of those beads and that lucite - resined it - amazing!! I really diggin' the second necklace with the ribbon, but I love how the silver chain on the first one makes everything pop and the earrings are super cool, too. But I'm still in awe of how you just changed things up to suite your needs - so great! And, I'm so with ya on the whole seed beader thing,...I really don't get how they do all that amazing work w/those super tiny little beads!!

  14. Hi Marlene -

    I think you did a wonderful job on both sets, and I never would have known that you weren't used to working with the materials! I love the eclectic feel of all the pieces, and how fun and funky they all turned out. Fantastic job! :)

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  16. I love what you did, I would never have guessed you were working out of your element.

  17. Both sets are wonderful! I'm partial to fun and funky - they would be fun to wear!! Your flower set is lovely and I like how you used the key as a toggle - clever!!


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