Saturday, March 29, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week 13: Eye Level
Did you ever have a dream of having that one special accessory for your home? I can't remember when I first thought of it. Probably when I saw it in a magazine, or maybe on a school excursion to one of the many museums in our area but for me, it was one of those world globes that sat spinning on its metal frame. It seemed so "old world" and full of romantic ideas of travelling to all the exotic places it displayed.
My dream came true a few years ago at an estate sale in my neighborhood. I would have paid ANY PRICE they had on it. Happily it was very much affordable and soon sat proudly in the corner of my family room. Perhaps not the most prestigious place, but it was where I could see it daily.
I have long since given up the dream of visiting all those exotic places, although I have been fortunate enough to have been to several. My greatest joy now is when the grand children come over and on occasion one or two of them will go over and spin the globe in its holder. I often wonder if it holds the same magic in their heads of the travel I once dreamed. I can only wish it for them, but then again, there really is no place like home, and dreams.
See you next week.
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  1. That is one nice globe, and a great choice for you eye level picture!

  2. This is a wonderful and precious object. It offers so many possibilities of dreaming.

  3. Love what is at your eye level! I dream of travelling to exotic places and I've always wanted one of those antique globes. Lucky you!

  4. That is a beautiful globe. I always wanted one like that too!

  5. I have always loved globes like this too and never did find one that was either w/in my budget or exactly as I wanted - so I am so happy you found yours. It's truly beautiful. I think my husband would have loved a globe accessory more than the one he ended up getting me last year that I had dreamed of for quite some time - it's a Knight in 'Rusty Copper' Armor. Yep,...I'm sure he'd probably rather have a gorgeous globe like this!! ;-)

  6. Brought back memories, Marlene :) As girls in the 60s, my sister and I used to play "spin the globe" and put a finger down with our eyes closed... supposedly to predict where we would visit some day! A nice dream. Of course, our globe was one of those cheap-looking pastel-coloured ones, not as lovely as yours, but fun nonetheless :)

  7. A beautiful globe. And even though you may not visit these far away places I'll bet it is fun to just pretend.


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