Sunday, April 6, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week 14: Morning Moments
It's been a crazy week for me, and due to some personal issues, I have missed several deadlines. This post being one of them.
Now I have to admit the topic had me slightly thrown, and I couldn't decide in which of several directions I wanted to go. Sally's suggestion as to photograph something meaningful in life during the early morning hours had my mind muddled. Truly anything I thought of was only temporary: that oh so needed cup of coffee; the checking on the computer for the latest banter from friends; even the enjoyment of the sun on the stream in my backyard; a picture of my phone before I used it to check up on the kids and grand kids. I almost decided it wasn't going to happen for me this week.

But as you can see, I finally realized the one morning moment that has meant the most for me over the years, and hopefully for much longer. It's when I first open my eyes and realized I have been blessed with one more day to enjoy all the others moments. 
See you next week.
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  1. How Wonderful!! My hubby always asks my son and me each night, "So, what was your favorite part of your day?" And many times my answer is, "Waking up alive!" and he just laughs and says that I'm taking the lazy way out of thinking of something else that I'm happy about,...but it really is something to be grateful for, isn't it?!! Love your post and your photo!!

    1. I think that's wonderful what I your hubby asks you both, I must try it in our house

  2. A great attitude, really! I like the way your photograph includes the possibility of rising for the day, or returning to slumber.

  3. It took me a while to fathom it out haha

  4. Great post Marlene. Each day is really something to be grateful for.

  5. Yes, that first thought every morning is a blessing. Even more so the older I get.

  6. Take your time & please invite me to see the color of dreams once you are ready.

  7. Yes, take your time Marlene....we will all be here when YOU are ready, just post have our info.......


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