Saturday, April 26, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week 17: Evening Moments

"There is a moment when the day begins to quietly slip away from the earth and the calm of evening floods over the land. Colors deepen, stars peek through pin holes in a twilight sky. We begin to exhale and slowly let the world of the day slide from our shoulders." ~ Sally Russick
It is that wonderful time of day when the young and the young at heart walk through tall grass sending fireflies aloft to illuminate the way, and dream of far off places full of mystical faeries and the magical stories surrounding them.

but even Faeries need to rest.

May you always remain young at heart!
See you next week.
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  1. LOVE this!!! And I want one of those faeries for the tree stump in my yard!

  2. Marlene that is a great photo. Thanx for sharing.

  3. Looks like she's been sprinkled by Titania's fairy dust :) Great photo!

  4. Beautiful photo Marlene, I do love fairies.

  5. ahh, now we know...faeries sleep like cats, where ever they land. Great picture!


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