Monday, March 26, 2012

Scott David Plumlee DVDs - Chain Maille Tutorials

 Scott David Plumlee is an AMAZING chain maille and wire artist.  Lori Anderson has had the pleasure of reviewing several of his books and they've always impressed her not only with how beautiful the designs are, but how clear the directions are.  Many chain maille books often miss showing the "how-to" part.  David doesn't.


So let's talk about the DVDs. Any or all of them can be purchased by clicking on the link below each picture.

This DVD is 71 minutes long and chock full of unique wire designs that you can easily adapt to your own style.  There are seven segments and David goes over not only how to make the designs, but how to use the right gauge and other important tips.

This is a great DVD for the beginner.  Byzantine is VERY versatile.  There are just so many things you can do with it!   He also shows simpler single and double chains, and ups the ante by showing you how to embellish your chains with beads and making your own clasps.  The DVD is 87 minutes -- and it's a GREAT way to learn chain maille for the first time.

This DVD is for those that have a little more experience with chain maille.  There are nine lessons, and David continues his love for embellishing chain with beads, but REALLY cool -- he'll show you how to make your own magnetic clasps! The DVD is 87 minutes long.

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