Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Suddenly Spring Challenge Blog Hop

Today is the day! We get to reveal what we have done to the winter blue bracelet Michelle Mach sent to everyone who entered, with a challenge to make it over, into something for spring.

 I quote directly from her post: "Your challenge is to turn this bracelet into a piece of spring jewelry.  You might add flowers, leaves, birds, or other springtime symbols.  You also might think about color."

FLOWERS, of course! COLOR, how could you do flowers without color! Since my medium is polymer clay, my mind immediately went to creating a spring time bouquet, complete with all its delicate petals, leaves and accents of shading in so many springtime bursts of color. But what about those crystals from the bracelet? You know what they reminded me of? Raindrops falling gently from the sky to bring all the flowers into bloom. Hence my necklace which I have decided to call:

April Showers - Bring May Flowers (in March)

All of the flowers and leaves are my own polymer clay creations on wired sky blue seed beads. The crystal raindrops dangle between the flowers on silver filigree bead cones, and beads.

(Details shots of some of the flowers)

I had a couple of the turquoise and deep blue Iris blooms left so I made a pair of earrings to go with the necklace.

I had an amazing time working on this challenge. Thank you Michelle, for including me in it, and thanks to you for coming to see my offering, but now I am off to see everyone else's work. HAPPY SPRING!

Here's the full list of everyone in the Blog Hop:

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