Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Zoo out There!

Have been busy with a large custom order, lately, but can't resist doing a Blog post on this Polymer Clay Smooshers topic. Since I live in central Florida, when I think zoo, my mind automatically gravitates to SeaWorld and all the fantastic exhibits there. My daughter was just recently down from NJ for a visit with my grandson, and they made day trips out to Legoland and SeaWorld, and his reaction to SeaWorld was many fold better. OK, enough of the SeaWorld advertisement. Here are some of the Polymer Clay Smoosher creations that fit so perfectly with this topic.

Have never seen one of these you know where, but then again, anything's possible. Of course there is one creature of the sea that can't be left out of this collection:

Hope you enjoyed the aquarium tour!

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