Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cup of Bead Soup - Sample

I was one of three people, fortunate to be chosen for the current Cup of Bead Soup Challenge by Lori Anderson. The bead to be used in this challenge is an amazing lampwork focal by Lea Avroch, which I have said before, can not imagine how she was able to duplicate it.

 This is the one I received. After ogling it, running my fingers on it, and studying the details under a magnifier for several days, my muse kicked in and I had an idea (no actually a ton of ideas) for what I wanted to do with it.

After hunting through my stash, I decided what was there would not suit the beauty of this bead, so off I went to a Rings and Things Bead Show, which just happened to be scheduled near me. Boy, did that get me in trouble. Found the gemstones I wanted to use, but not the chain. My thought was to use an omega or snake but neither were available.

Off to the local bead store, where I found the chain, but after purchasing it (along with one more strand of Czech glass), I decided not to use it. So the design in my head changed again, and instead, I just started piecing my finds together into something that would please me.

After my computer fried in a bad storm, and waiting for it to be repaired (by my previously mentioned computer genius son), I spent some time catching up on others blogs, only to find this beautiful bracelet Sonya of Dreamin of Beads had received from Jennifer Justman.
 The design was so much like mine, it even included the same silver spacer beads I had used. As Sonya says "a great design, is a great design."

Lea is such a sweetheart, and has been itching to see what is being created to highlight her focal. I did this post to tease her.
Unfinished necklace
Sorry Lea, but June 30 will be here soon enough. That's when we get to show off the results on Lori's blog. Come back here or there to see! 


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