Saturday, June 16, 2012

Toolbox Challenge Blog Hop

It's time for another Blog Hop. This time for the Toolbox Challenge, that was the brain child of Sandra McGriff  on her Blog Creative Chaos. Think about something the man in your life uses, preferably from his toolbox or tool bench, and use it to create a piece of jewelry. What a hoot! This was going to be fun filled, and funny!!!

This is my hubby, also known to friends as "The Bear". He is big, in both directions, has an imposing demeanor, and can always be counted on to say and do exactly what his appearance dictates.
Except for one thing. Household repairs. Yes, he will tackle ANYTHING. When something breaks or stops working properly, he is Johnny-on-the-spot to check it, then check it again. Once he decides it needs repair, nothing can stop him. He takes it apart with all the confidence of an expert, studies each part, contemplates, goes to his handy Home Depot Manual, starts his computer and looks up references on the Internet, and may even go to Lowes for parts he thinks he needs. Then after hours of tinkering, attempting, and more than a few choice words, he does what all self proclaimed experts do, sits on his recliner and tells me to call the REAL expert (plumber, electrician, mechanic, lawn service, etc).

I love him for trying and appreciate his efforts, but you would think after 43 years of marriage and home ownership, he would have figured it out. BTW that computer I referenced before is his number one toy. He is retired, so he uses it, not for business, but whatever is his heart's desire, once he's in that recliner and has pushed the ON Button.  

Of course, this is also not one of his strong points. We have two sons in the computer field, and NONE of their expertise is transferred to their dad. It is usually a panicked call to one of them to "Come see what's wrong with this thing!" (he doesn't even have to say laptop, they already know).

Since that garage tool bench is his "sacred area" and I am usually followed out there, to see what I am looking for, need, disturb, or "trying to mess up" (???), I have decided to use  broken computer parts, from past interactions between dad and sons to create my piece for this challenge.

(Please forgive the poor photo quality, my computer is fried and using a temporary replacement)
The "extension cord" that is woven into the gunmetal chain is actually a piece of buna cord, with silver metal findings to represent the USB connector and prongs on the polymer clay plug. It is a fun piece, and a BIG departure from my usual, but, of course, it also includes polymer clay. Now please go visit the Blogs of the others in this FUN Challenge from Sandra!

Skye - Our Hostess
Marlene Cupo - You are here!
Julie Anne
Shelley Graham Turner
Leslie Weyment
Sherri Stokey
Inge Traud
Dyanne Everett-Cantrell
Keri Lee Serelka


  1. You are funny" . Your blog post was so entertaining. You described the scene so perfectly I could almost hear him! Ha ha ha! Oh, and the necklace is so cute, a real convo starter with memories attached. And congrats on being married so long.

  2. lol Can't wait to see your original photos ;) This is cute.. and I can totally see him looming over your shoulder as you eye the tool box ;) lol One of the other hoppers must have a similar 'loomer' since she told him what was up and asked for anything 'bits' he had ;) lol

    I this this is cute.. plus it's sort of a memory piece, to commemorate some of your sons 'rescue efforts' on your hubbies behalf ;) Hang it up in a shadow box and have fun explaining it to everyone who notices it ;)

  3. How fun!!! And I love the story that goes with it:)

  4. hehe! great minds think alike :)

  5. What a great post! I can totally see him hanging over your shoulder, and love the "sacred area" comment.

  6. Visited all the sites, your story was the best!

  7. Thank you all for your very sweet comments!

  8. LOL I loved it! The piece you created is awesome and the story that goes along with it fabulous as well!

  9. Thank you Keri, I enjoyed doing both.

  10. That's funny. I was a day late, but finally got mine picture up.


  11. How did I miss commenting here yesterday, Marlene? Yours is the first blog I visited in the Toolbox Challenge hop, and it's so funny! Love the humor you've shared, and most of all, love your computer jewelry! It's so cool! Your polymer clay plug and "delete" component are awesome!
    Absolutely charming!

    P.S. Sandra kindly let me into the hop too. I'd missed the announcement, and jumped in as soon as I saw the event -- at the last minute :) Thank you Sandra! She told me just to add my URL in my comments, so here's my blog:


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