Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Blue Mood

One of the great things about polymer clay is how forgiving it can be. I recently did a Skinner Blend of  several of the Premo Sculpey blues (Denim, Cobalt, and Ultramarine), made a large sheet and layered it after backing with Navy Bue, and added a sheet of silver leaf to the pile. After running the stack through the Pasta Machine, at increasingly thinner settings, a very supple shading developed with silver flecks that remind me of stars in the night sky. Perhaps Blue Moon might be a better name for this collection. What do you think?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My lastest creation using Mica Shift

The tiles on these earrings and bracelet are done in polymer clay, using the Mica Shift technique. Mica Shift is a method where the mica particle in metallic and pearl clays are first lined up in all one direction, then an imprint is made in the smooth clay to "realign" the particles in the opposite direction (like when a shoe imprint is left in a mud puddle - sure, tell me you have never done this). The raised portions of the impression are then very carefully shaved off until the surface is smooth. However, with polymer clay, the fantastic result is that the darkened, or realigned particle areas are still imprinted on the original background. After baking, sanding and buffing, the final result are the glossy effect found in these two:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Flower Garden Bouquet

I am a crafter of polymer clay jewelry and items for the home. Recently attended a Garden Fair in my HOA, and made this framed Flower Garden Bouquet as a raffle prize during the event.

I love flowers, especially Orchids, which I have been growing for many years. They are the latest items to find their way to my crafting table.





 I finished them with magnetic backs, for use in the home.
They all can be found in my shop: