Saturday, October 29, 2011

A collection of the work of some fantastically creative Polymer Clay artists that portray all that is special about the giving of thanks, not only on that One Special Day, but all year long!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art Bead Scene October Monthly Challenge

A Hedgehog in a Landscape
by Giovanna Garzoni

About the Art
Garzoni's paintings depict plants with their roots and flowers, in the scientific tradition of Ligozzi, but she animates her compositions by adding insects, reptiles, and small fruits and nuts, each casting a faint shadow on the page. Overflowing ceramic bowls of fruit were another favorite theme, containing fruits that were sought after in the seventeenth century to grace the tables of the aristocracy not only as a pleasure to the palate but also as a delight to the eye.
These vibrant paintings display a conscious yet subtle balance between scientific realism and decorative effect.

Color Palette

These are some of my favorite colors, muted, calming, and connected. So I used many of them to create my entry. Here it is:

It is for sale in my studio:
Here is the direct link:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Best Friend - OR SO I THOUGHT!!!

Princess when she first came home

What could be a more loving birthday gift from your son, than an adorable cocker spaniel (my favorite breed) puppy? My grandson actually named her, once he saw her. That was 8 years ago, and she has filled the house with love, humor, fun and frolic, until -

Princess today
She is still looking for love, fun and frolic, but her days may be NUMBERED!!!! You see, she has come to have a fondness for my jewelry, more specifically my polymer clay creations, and I don't mean to wear them. Several times in the past, if I have inadvertently left a bead or two on that low table in the picture, you can be sure they will not be there in the morning. No big thing, right? Can always make more, especially with how easy it is to repeat designs and caned beads (if you still have more of the cane), yeah, right!
Fast forward to last week, when the craziness of getting display boards, packaging material, business supplies and, of course, last minute tweaks to the newest items I intend to bring to a VERY BIG craft show were prominent on my mind. Did not notice that several of the latest sets of earrings I had made, slipped off the top of the supply box and onto the floor in my craft room (a place Princess is not suppose to enter).
Well at least she didn't eat the wires and glass bead accents!