Friday, September 27, 2013

Focus On Life - 52 Photos

Focus On Life - Week 39 - Your Best Shot

Hey guys, I've got some real exciting news to share with you. I am sitting here in this really high chair, that has my own personal table stuck to it. It really makes a fun sound when I bang on it, over and over, and it gets EVERY ONE'S attention.

Right now though, the really pretty lady put a bunch of these circlie things on it and just left them there. She doesn't usually let me "go for it" on my own, but she did this time. You know what? Besides playing around with them, and pushing them off on to the floor, and if you can manage it and get them into your mouth ~ YUMMY! I prefer the three finger grab (less chance of losing it), but even two fingers work, once you get them all slobbered up.

I know the pretty lady likes what I am doing, 'cause she is smiling so big, and she must like the circlie things TOO. She's sitting right next to me, with this upside down hat, half full of them, and that wonderful white stuff she puts in my bottle, and eating right along with me.

I like when she is close to me. I like when she puts me in the big silver thing full of wet stuff, and doesn't get mad that I splash it all over her. I like when she rubs the creamy stuff all over me, 'cause her hands are so soft and warm. I like when she smiles right back at me when I laugh or giggle. I like when she nibbles my toes. I even like (well, gets me a little frightened) when she picks me up in the air and puts my face right down next to hers. I like when she puts me up on her shoulder, 'cause my head seems to fit there so perfect. It is so comfortable that I like lying there falling asleep to the sound of her heart beating with mine.

I LOVE that I always will be there.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Studio Sublime Creating with Cabochons Reveal

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime fame created a challenge for us to design jewelry using cabs, and today is the reveal day. She was kind enough to share wonderful tutes on how to bead around them, and I am sure you will see some wonderful examples among the great artists in the list below. 

For me, beading has never been my thing. I am a polymer clay person, first, last, and always. So I pulled out some trusty colors, and canes and started my adventure this way.

It was not difficult for me to gather my supplies and create several items to be used in this challenge.
The millefiori cab I teased with, a red, white and silver combination lentil cab,
and example of one of the pillow cabs I made with a kaleidoscope cane.
Cabs made, but now how to create jewelry with them? I honestly did not cheat and poke, drill or otherwise make holes in them (as much as I was tempted) and decided to go with bezels and metal backings for them. 
One of the pillow cab, attached to a Vintage silver cross which
has patina to match and a pin backing.

The elongated lentil cab attached to a simple gold bezel with pin backing.

The millefiori cab on a silver bezel which has been attached
to two layers of ruffled ribbon on this bracelet.

The earrings and pendant are attached to antique silver findings.
Silver beads are attached to the corner of each pillow cab.
Well, in the interest of total disclosure, I did poke holes for the final bracelet, but I am not including it in the entries for this challenge, just a finishing piece for the necklace and earrings in the set.

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Your Hostess: Sally Russick
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