Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Is Almost Here - My Favorite Season!

The butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. The rich shades of the flowers that bloom in the fall. The fruits and vegetables of the season, fully grown and ready to harvest. The endless display of foliage advancing toward the end of their life cycle in the trees and forests. They all give testiment to the absolute beauty of nature, and what could be a better inspiration for artistic creation. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge

Illustration for American Cresent Cycles, 1899
Frederick Winthrop Ramsdell

About the Art
Ramsdell was an American painter who studied in both New York and Paris. While in Paris he became heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau work of Eugene Grasset and Alphonse Mucha, as can be seen in this striking, though derivative, bicycle poster. Ramsdell depicts a woman and her bike with her tresses and her dress blowing in the wind--and such hair is hard to miss! (Possibly a record for the greatest volume of hair in art history.) From the fabric of the gown to the lilies caught in the wind, the poster has a stylistic similarity to that of the men who inspired him. But the comparisons end with the strong, earthy colors and the large corporate logo which appears at the bottom right. Nevertheless, the image is eye-catching, compelling and powerful.
The object of the challenge is to incorporate the color scheme from an artist's work of art, into an original piece of art bead jewelry. This color scheme is one of my favorites and my interpretation is below.

Long Double Chain Stamped Pendant and SCENTED Lemon Wood Necklace

This is a double chained necklace with a self made Granitex polymer clay disc pendant, which has Pearl Ex colors applied and then overstamped with a floral design on the gunmetal chain, and polymer clay round and oval beads on the antique gold chain. I made the lemon wood colored ovals with lemon peel inclusions, which give them a lemon scent.

 It is available for sale by clicking this link: Amazing Designs