Saturday, February 22, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week Eight: Capture Color

My original thought for this week was immediately drawn to the over flowing draw of unopened packages of polymer clay sitting in my craft room. Then I thought about it and decided why take a picture of something man made when it's Mother Nature who has no comparison in this category.
Not all of these pictures were taken this past week (I wish), but they have all been taken by me at one time or another over the past year of the orchids on my patio.
The backgrounds on many of these photos have been blackened but all of the colors of the blooms are untouched. The two that aren't blacked out are in bloom now.

Mother Nature wins!
See you next week.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week Seven: Capture a Collage of Lve

This is something that has been taking much of my time lately. I mentioned prior I had started my adventure in writing a novel (Yes, you guessed it, a romance story).
Well I finished writing this week. Now it has to be proofread and edited, but I am one step closer. I must say I had my own love story getting it done.

P.S. The collage comes in because the pictures of the hearts are from the box of candy Hubby got me for V-day!

See you next week.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week Six: Quiet Calm

My husband has had an aquarium (actually many) over the years. I can't think of anything that is quieter, except for the bubbling of the air filter, but even that is a soothing sound.

Watching the fish glide back and forth calms like nothing else can. That is, if you can get them to cooperate and come to the front of the tank for a picture!

See you next week.

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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Creative Challenge To All

I just read an email from Pam Sears about a Challenge she threw out to us all. It intrigued me, especially since I am currently in a writing frame of mind. Here are the details: A Creative Challenge To All.

Here's my entry:

New Bling
Ricco, actually his name is Randall but unless you’re his grandmother, don’t call him that, sauntered into the corner bar. One of those cheap places smelling of three day old beer, with lousy lighting. Even the beer nuts on the bar were stale. It was a cold day but he was wearing his usual leather vest, no shirt and worn out jeans, with holes in several places. His scraggy black hair hung unruly, too long on the back of his neck, in spite of the rubber band holding it. A ragged old scar on his jaw told you what you needed to know about him. Yeah, he thought himself quite the bad ass. So did a lot of his friends.
Two equally looking goons came up behind him. “Hey dude! Thought you were told to stay out of here!” spat out one in his ear.
“I go where I please!” He spat back.
“Maybe we gotta show you where you’re gonna go,” hissed the other.
“You can sure try, but why don’t you look at the new Bling I just picked up before you do,” as he held out his fist, showing off a silver two finger ring, with four teeth imbedded, where normally jewels would be found.
“Whadja just come from the dentist?” sneered the first guy.
“Nah, they're from the creep’s mouth that was pickin’ on the kid down the street. The one with the club foot.”
He ambled up to the bar and ordered his rye whiskey.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Polymer Clay Collective Conversations

A while ago I signed up to answer questions for the Polymer Clay Collective Conversations on Facebook. It got postponed, but the day is finally upon us, so here goes:
• Tell us a bit about where you live

I live in Longwood, Fl, although the first 50 years of my life were spent in New Jersey, and no I don't have breathing problems.
• What do you do when you're not polymer claying?
My other interests are eclectic. I have a patio of orchids that I have loved tending to, several of which have won ribbons at my local Orchid Society.
Currently I am deep into writing, working on the next Great American Novel (doesn't everyone dream of doing this some day?)
• What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be?
Easy one! I am the kid who immediately undressed her dolls, so she could bandage them up. Then I grew up and became an RN.
• Tell us something about yourself that we don't know.
A lot of my husband and my extra time is taking care of my invalid brother, who lives with us. Something in our genes won't allow any family member get put into a Nursing Home. I love my husband even more for his devotion to my family.

• Tell us your polymer clay story: What made you first try polymer clay and how long has PC been part of your life?

Another easy one! A dare got me started. My son and daughter-in-law got involved with making polymer creations on a retail basis, and at one point I suggested they branch out into jewelry. His reply was "No, why don't you." That was about 5 years ago.
• What's your favorite PC technique?

Off the top of my head I would say the most fun is the Natasha effect, because the final result is always such a surprise, but lately I am loving the antiquing and aging effect of all of the patinas available, and playing with them.
• What are your art/design inspirations? 
Hate to be as redundant as with everyone else, but it has to be mother nature. Imitating it, capturing it, being captivated by the best artist around.
• Show us something you’ve made with polymer clay.

This was a donated prize to my local Garden Society
• [Additional question from the preceding featured member]
What is your favorite polymer clay style to work in? from Andrea Glick
 I can honestly say I don't have a favorite. I kind of go with the flow. When the muse strikes I just follow it.
A PC replication of one of my orchids      A faux antique porcelain technique     

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me (It's a miracle you are, because I hate talking about myself).
To the next glutton for punishment, I ask:
Do you create just for yourself and friends, or do you sell? If you do sell, please share your best advice for others to read. Thanks in advance.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

 Week Five: Get Outside

Now don't think I'm gloating, and I really feel terrible about the horrid winters so many of you are suffering through. Just wanted to bring you a little joy, 'cause this is what is happening outside at my house.

Yep, the azaleas are blooming! While most of you are waiting for crocus and other signs of spring to start sprouting, it's happening already here.

They're not supposed to start until mid- to late February, but with this wacko winter even for Florida, they have been at it already for the past week and a half.

See you next week.

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