Friday, May 2, 2014

Focus On Life 2014!

Week 18: In Their Hands
MY first thought of hands were of the wonder I get at seeing how fast my grandchildren grow before my eyes. It is one of the joys of "the second generation." I know when my five children were growing up I had my mind on a million other things that always seemed to need doing to see they got where they needed to go, but with these guys I can just sit back and enjoy the journey (well for the most part, anyway).
The picture I took for this week's theme shows my oldest grandson (Can't believe he will be driving next year!) playing rough house with his sister (above his head) and his cousin (on his knees). I still remember when his hands were smaller than theirs. I know his sister doesn't seem to like the idea of him holding hers so tightly and yet am sure in the years to come she will have moments when she will cherish that hold when it's needed.
Right after this shot was taken, Jadyn, the cousin, slipped off his knees and was aiming for the floor head first. It was beautiful to see how fast his hand shot out to make sure it was beneath her head before that happened.

See you next week.
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